Cereal Killer

“Monkey Radio with Marc” isn’t just a podcast. We also have an expanding catalogue of animated shorts based on the show, directed by show host Marc Raco and animated by Jared Kowis of Kowis Animation. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. They’re fun!

 Raco plans to work with Kowis to incorporate the shorts into a half-hour animated short film later in 2013. But how did the working relationship start?

Songwriter Heather Edwards, a friend of the show, had produced/recorded a new song “Run“, about a serial cereal killer—-a piece of shredded wheat, with legs. She asked Raco to direct an animated short, and Raco had been introduced to Kowis when he submitted himself as an animator for another project Raco was directing. Raco saw he could be right for the music video and worked out a deal.

A music video was born which featured several different styles of animation, including stop-motion and even live action mixed with 2-D cartooning. Kowis and Raco worked closely together, consulting with Edwards, for months. Every second of the video was meticulously planned, including numerous “easter eggs” throughout.

If you’re looking for an inventive and clever animated video, combined with a catchy and fun tune, this is worth the watch.




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