Monkey Music

Wonder what that amazing theme music is on “Monkey Radio with Marc?”

The opening music of the show is “Live for It” by the Boston-based punk rock band Girl on Top, used with permission.

"Live for It" by band Girl on Top

“Live for It”

The frontwoman for the band, Karen DeBiasse, was interviewed in the episode “On Top”, available on the Episode Archives page of the Monkey Radio with Marc website. How this band hasn’t become globally famous is beyond us!

Marc originally met the band when co-executive producing/editing the feature film Getting Personal, in which several of the band’s tracks are included. You can find out more about them at

Getting Personal Premiere

Getting Personal

Ironically, the closing music (which was the original opening theme music as well for the program) is The GP Mambo written by your host, Marc. This song was the music for the opening credit sequence for the same film, Getting Personal You can hear it in the trailer and buy the full track at CDBaby.

You never know where your music will end up. All you have to do is listen…

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