The Mickey and Billy Show Saves Melissa Villasenor

Download Today we do something we don’t normally do—dust off a previous episode. Our guest: Once a contestant “darling” of “American’s Got Talent”, impressionist and comic Melissa Villasenor joins this episode as the call-in guest. Only—she’s not talking with Marc. Or Ben. Or Elsie.

Mickey and Billy

She’s talking with two drive-time rock and roll DJ’s from the UK, burn-out Mickey and dullard Billy (shown in a still of an upcoming animated short from the episode), of the infamous “Mickey and Billy Show”.

You see–Marc and Ben have been suspended by their wholly owned corporation Westminster Pies (sometimes also referred to as Westchester Pies, depending on whom you ask). They were suspended for accidentally erasing the original interview with Villasenor.Melissa Villasenor

Which really happened. In real life, technical glitch did actually vanish the first take of an interview with the comedian, conducted by Marc and Ben. Villasenor agreed to come back for a second try, and Marc determined it just wouldn’t be fresh as a “do over”.  And Mickey and Billy, played by the Marc and Ben, were born.

As Mickey and Billy, the hosts stay in character throughout, and Villasenor plays along nicely. Amazingly, this interview was less awkward than the first. However in the original take, Villasenor was more free with delivering impressions, her claim to fame thus far. In the retake, she states she’s trying to get away from impressions and curiously stays largely away from them.

This unique episode is Marc’s favorite to date, and can be heard at The Mickey and Billy Show with Guest Melissa Villasenor.





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