Hobbits vs Coney Island

In the recent episode featuring animation great Ralph Bakshi, he revealed a gripe with director Peter Jackson. Bakshi claims that Jackson benefitted from his animated version of “Lord of the RIngs” in the making of Jackson’s live action version, yet has never thanked him. He  lamented that Jackson hasn’t even contributed a single dollar to Bakshi’s Kickstarter campaign for a new animated short “The Last Days of Coney Island.”

Ralph Bakshi

Today the  campaign reached its $165,000 goal, apprantly  without any help from Jackson, despite Monkey Radio with Marc’s efforts to connect the two directors via Twitter.  Bakshi has decided to stretch the Kickstarter goal another several thousand dollars to increase the ength of the film. Paging Mr. Jackson—here;s your chance to get some very cheap big time PR. Do we know anyone in New Zealand?

​A side note: our show host Marc personally contributed to the campaign. Monkeys 1, Hobbits 0, Coney Island 165,000.

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